Holy Cross Students Profile Harper Creek Watershed

Students at Holy Cross secondary school as part of their geography class produced videos featuring the Harper Creek watershed. Students explored the many aspects of the watershed that make this place special. Featured are the fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, water, trees, people, and land that make up the watershed. They also explored many of the threats that face the waters and the local park ecosystem. The videos are an excellent introduction to the watershed and provide incredible background on the area. Watch the stories produced by students at Holy Cross and let them us know what you think! We will be posting more videos in the weeks to come, so check back soon!

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Life of a Radio Tagged Brook Trout

Scott Blair and company have been hard at work tagging brook trout in Harper Creek. This study will discover how brook trout move throughout the stream as the seasons and weather change. You can find out more by visiting the study page.

Below you can witness the process of capturing the brook trout using electrofishing, preforming a little bit of surgery and depositing the fish back into the creek.

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