Major Trout

Sponsored By: The Electronics-Optronics Shop: Garrison Petawawa (Cpl Keith Zippel)

Trout Stats: Major Trout is 146 mm (5.75 inches) in length & currently weighs in at 31.5 grams (1.11 ozs).

Being an occasional angler, and with my mother playing an integral role in the stewardship of Harper Park, I found this cause to be right up my alley. The name Major Trout seemed appropriate as I have 8 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. Currently posted to Petawawa, ON, there are plenty of areas for fishing and boating, and many of my co-workers are passionate about fishing. When this opportunity arose, I called upon my fellow anglers, and they answered my call to duty pitching in to sponsor Major Trout.

Researchers know that brook trout spawn in the fall. And, for resident brookies – those that live in the stream year round – spawning is largely triggered by a decrease in water temperature.  Unfortunately it is difficult and expensive to …

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Harper The Trout

Sponsored By: The Storey Family

Trout Stats: Harper is 148 mm (5.83 inches) in length and currently weighs in at 30.2 grams (1.1 ounces)

Having lived in the West end of Peterborough for over 20 years, and not knowing about Harper Park and its significance on an environmental level, was what first grabbed our attention 2 years ago.

Needing to learn about this area further, me and my then 11-year-old son Elliott decided to go and explore parts of it on a few walks including a guided one.

When our friend Kim Zippel explained to us that, even closer to our house, there had been a Harper Creek restoration project on Pinewood Drive, we were even more intrigued. The more we began to learn about the amazing diversity of this wetland, including the Brook Trout, the more we wanted to help preserve it and become stewards of it.

At the same time as the news came out in April that …

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Chiro The Trout

Sponsored By: Lynn and Larry Smith

Trout Stats: Chiro is 175 mm (6.89 inches) in length and currently weighs in at 53.8 grams (1.9 ounces)

It only took a moment to make the decision to sponsor a Harper Creek brook trout. We have been running Cavan Chiropractic for 35 years and what a fun way to celebrate this milestone. Daughter, Hayley, who joined the business as a Registered Massage Therapist, agreed as long as she could name the fish.

So the debate over naming the fish began. It only took a couple of days but in keeping with the Chiropractic theme, our trout will be called Chiro.

We envision a fish with a well-adjusted spine, exercising, stretching regularly and eating properly!

We look forward to being involved with this study. Research often answers questions, but then opens the door for more questions. So much to learn about the intricacies of the natural world! This project will give us a glimpse …

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Life of a Radio Tagged Brook Trout

Scott Blair and company have been hard at work tagging brook trout in Harper Creek. This study will discover how brook trout move throughout the stream as the seasons and weather change. You can find out more by visiting the study page.

Below you can witness the process of capturing the brook trout using electrofishing, preforming a little bit of surgery and depositing the fish back into the creek.

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Support the Democratic Management of Harper Park!

On October 2nd Peterborough council will vote to place the future of Harper Park in the hands of a single consultant. City council claims that people who care about the future of Harper Park will be asked to provide input on its future. City council has always ignored and rejected the input of the community on the care of this incredible park space.

This request for $112,000 to plan for the future of the park is also a waste of your tax dollars. The work required to complete a report on the future of the park has already been completed. The citizens and scientists of Peterborough have already documented the park better than any consultant ever will.

We are asking that the future of Harper Park be placed in the hands of a not for profit partner involving community members. Partnered together we can ensure that Harper Park is protected for ours and future generations.

Visit Harper Park

Voice your

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